EPHEM is the home education ministry of our church. It is run by a committee of the session, health which includes elders and parents-at-large. EPHEM believes that God has given parents the responsibility to educate their children. They may choose to delegate the job of education (i.e. to a school, purchase to a tutor for a particular course, ed etc.), but they still maintain the responsibility for it. EPHEM believes that the church should encourage Christian parents who carry out that responsibility by homeschooling to do the best job they possibly can by providing support, encouragement, and education.

EPHEM offers umbrella services (as outlined by the Maryland State by-laws on home education) to homeschooling families who are members of local PCA churches. This allows families, after notifying the county board of education, to report to the church rather than to the county regarding their educational program. It offers Christian support, education, and fellowship to homeschooling families.

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Vision Statements and Core Values
Calendar and Fees
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Required Paperwork for Joining:
Family Registration Form (one per family)
New Student Registration Form (one per student)
Waiver (one per family)
Check for $75, per family, made payable to EP Church of Annapolis


Annapolis Classical Tutorial Service (ACTS), a ministry of EP Church of Annapolis, is a classical tutorial program for homeschooled children in grades K/1 through 10. Our mission is to support and partner with families who have an interest in the classical educational model. ACTS employs tutors who teach on Monday and Thursday mornings in a classroom setting and provide detailed lesson plans for parents to use at home. ACTS offers the best of both worlds, a small class setting and lesson plans parents can tailor to their child’s learning style.In addition to cultivating a love of learning about the world that God has made, ACTS also provides opportunities for families to gather for fun times and fellowship throughout the year.
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