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Sun, Oct 14, 2012
Passage: Acts 22:1-29
Series: Acts
1. The Context (22:1-2) 2. The Defense (22:3-20) 3. The Reaction (22:21-29)
Sun, Oct 07, 2012
Passage: Acts 21:17-39
Series: Acts
Introduction: Hypocrites in the Church 1. The Report 2. The Choice 3. The Consequence
Sun, Sep 30, 2012
Passage: Acts 21:1-16
Series: Acts
Duration: 40 mins
Sun, Sep 16, 2012
Passage: Acts 20:1-16
Series: Acts
1. People need more than mere words. 2. Many people don't know what they need. 3. People need the words of life. 4. The same words of life are offered to us.
Sun, Sep 09, 2012
Passage: Acts 19:1-20
Series: Acts
Sun, Aug 26, 2012
Passage: Acts 18:1-17
Series: Acts
Introduction: What's God doing in the world? God does Three Things: 1. God sends people to help 2. God provides financial support 3. God blesses the work God says Three Things "Do not be afraid" "I am with you" "I have many in this city who are my people"
Sun, Aug 19, 2012
Passage: Acts 17:1-10
Series: Acts
1. Their hearts were centered on the Gospel. 2. Their hearts were united by the Gospel. 3. Their hearts were motivated by the Gospel.
Sun, Aug 12, 2012
Passage: Acts 16:13-34
Series: Acts
1. God's economy is very different than the world's economy. 2. Jesus is the key to understanding the Bible. 3. The gospel changes everything. 4. The church makes a free offer of the gospel. 5. The gospel knows no bounds; it is for everyone.
Sun, Aug 05, 2012
Passage: Acts 15:1-35
Series: Acts
Introduction: Gospel Grinches What is the Problem? Peter's Answer James's Proposal Three Lessons from Acts 15 1. The church has the authority to regulate belief and practice. 2. The church cannot allow custom and tradition to be elevated to the level of biblical principle. 3. The church welcomes the unclean and Grinch's with puny hearts.
Sun, Jul 29, 2012
Passage: Acts 14:1-28
Series: Acts
Introduction: Grace Produces Mission Five General Observations 1. Preaching is the main tool GOd uses to proclam the gospel to the world 2. There is an intended outcome of the gospel that unites people. 3. It is often easier to draw people to us than to Jesus. 4. The mood of the people can change quickly. 5. Effective evangelism meets people right where they are and takes them to Jesus. A Paradigm for Ministry 1. Preaching 2. Making Disciples 3. Shepherding
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